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Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy is considered the number one evidence-based treatment for individuals with behavioral problems and developmental delays. With over 20 years of experience, Health of Mind group of clinicians can help your child move forward. Call us today to make your first appointment!

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Our clinicians work together with caregivers and providers to set objective, achievable goals. We collect data, analyze them, and adjust treatment goals as needed. Our information driven therapists log and track day by day practices to monitor progress closely.

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Our vision is to foster a brought together group that gives excellent therapy administrations. We are focused on providing types of therapy sessions that use a client-centered treatment approach by offering sessions at home, community setting, or at school.

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Experts in Behavioral Health

Dr. Frank Perez Verdecia

CEO & Clinical Director

Maria Carla Napoles

Assistant Clinical Director

Aleymi Santana Pedrero

Behavior Analyst & Senior Supervisor

Monica Carreras Martinez

Behavior Analyst & Senior Supervisor

Arletis Garcia Betancourt

Behavior Analyst & Senior Supervisor

Mayelin Morales

Behavior Analyst

Cora Sepic

Behavior Analyst

Teresita Machado

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Lucia Blanche

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Jose Machado

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Jose Rodriguez

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Magne Alvarez Ramirez

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Moraima Alfonso

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Doris La Rosa

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Marah Reinoso Vega

Assistant Behavior Analyst

Your Family, is the Center of Our Care

Our ABA Care specialists include Neuropsychologists, Behavior Analysts (BCBAs and BCaBAs), and experienced Registered Behavior Technician (RBT). Our Clinical Director, Assistant Clinical Director, Senior Supervisors, and Direct Supervisors will all work together with you to build an individualized treatment plan.

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Would you like to work with us? We currently accepting applications for Behavior Analysts and RBTs.

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