Antecedent-Based Interventions

Antecedent-based interventions (ABI) are proof-based procedures used to address both meddling and on-task behaviors. This strategy is most frequently utilized after a functional behavior assessment (FBA) has been conducted to distinguish the capacity of the meddling behavior. ABI is an assortment of methodologies where intervention setting adjustments are utilized to change the circumstances in the setting that expeditious a child to take part in a meddling behavior. 

For instance, many meddling behaviors keep on happening on the grounds that the natural circumstances in a specific setting have become connected to the behavior after some time. The objective of ABI is to recognize factors that are supporting the meddling behavior and afterward change the climate or action so the component no longer inspires the behavior. 

Typical ABI methods incorporate 

  • Utilizing exceptionally favored exercises to increase interest level.
  • Changing the timetable/daily practice.
  • Carrying out pre-movement interventions.
  • Offering decisions.
  • Adjusting how guidance is given.
  • Advancing the climate in order for the child to approach tangible improvements that serve a similar capacity as the particular behavior.

ABI methodologies frequently are utilized related to other proof-based practices