Cora Sepic

Behavior Analyst

Cora Sepic Bio

Cora Sepic is Behavior Analyst in Miami, FL. She has been working in the Mental Health field for 30 over years with children and adults. Cora graduated from Florida International University (FIU) with a Bachelor in Psychology (BA) and specialized in Education (Ed.S.). Later on, she became a Licensed School Psychologist (LSPsychologist) and a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC). Cora has always been driven to help children and families she states, “As a child and teenager, there were very few people who were influential in my development as an adult. And I realized then, that I should give back that meaningful presence to other kids who seem not to get it even from their most close and loved ones. In order to do that, I had to be educated to know what is best for them and how to use the correct approach. Then, I had to use a gift that I naturally have, which is to get into the child’s world and to be empathic to their needs.”



  • Mood Disorders
  • Substance Use
  • Trauma and PTSD


  • License: Florida / MH6903
  • School: Carlos Albizu University
  • Year Graduated: 1998

Types of Therapy

  • Coaching
  • Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)
  • Culturally Sensitive
  • Dialectical (DBT)