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Isis Rivera, affectionately known as "Sisi" among her colleagues, has been a pivotal member of Health of Mind since its early days in 2007, working alongside her brother, Dr. Perez Verdecia. From a young age, Sisi has immersed herself in various aspects of the organization, gaining invaluable experience across departments such as billing, HR, and customer service. Her versatility and deep understanding of the company's operations have been instrumental in its growth and success. In 2013, Sisi embarked on a new chapter, channeling her passion and administrative prowess into Psychology & Beyond, Inc., a sister company of Health of Mind, Inc. dedicated to providing comprehensive psychological services. Under her stewardship, Psychology & Beyond, Inc. has flourished, touching the lives of thousands of patients with its impactful services. Despite her primary focus on this venture, Sisi continues to lend her expertise to Health of Mind, particularly in areas like billing and compliance, showcasing her commitment to the organization's mission. Known for her vibrant personality and unwavering work ethic, Sisi's presence brings a sense of joy and dedication to the workplace. Her ability to maintain a positive attitude while juggling numerous responsibilities inspires her team and contributes to a supportive and effective work environment. Sisi's contributions are a testament to her skills, hard work, and the deep sense of care she brings to her roles within both organizations.