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Mirta Carbonell is the dynamic Administrator at Health of Mind, Inc., where her extensive background in administration and innate leadership qualities merge to create an impactful presence. Mirta brings over 17 years of valuable experience from her tenure at Bank of America, where she ascended through the ranks from teller to assistant manager and ultimately to regional auditor. Her journey in the corporate world honed her exceptional leadership skills and a meticulous eye for detail, making her an indispensable asset to our team. Beyond her executive capabilities, Mirta's personal dedication to caring for others and inspiring the best in them is what truly sets her apart. Her approach combines a keen focus on operational efficiency with a heartfelt commitment to team and client well-being. Mirta oversees the management of more than 100 providers at Health of Mind, Inc., ensuring strict compliance with insurance requirements and legal mandates, underlining her pivotal role in the smooth and ethical operation of our services. Since the inception of Health of Mind, Inc., Mirta has been an integral part of the organization. As the wife of Dr. Perez Verdecia, she has supported the company's growth from its earliest days, providing both direct and indirect contributions to its success. In 2017, Mirta transitioned to fully dedicate her time and talents to Health of Mind, Inc., bolstering its mission to provide exceptional care and service to those in need. Her unparalleled dedication and expertise continue to drive the organization forward, making her a cornerstone of our administrative team.