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Roxana serves as an esteemed Assistant Administrator at Health of Mind, Inc., where she plays a crucial role working closely with both the Administrator and the Clinical Administrative Director across a variety of essential functions. Roxana embarked on her professional journey after graduation, honing her skills in a challenging environment at a local university. There, she managed a broad spectrum of rigorous and executive responsibilities, from processing student transcripts and providing exceptional customer service to handling application procedures. Over four years, she amassed a wealth of experience, preparing her for the multifaceted role she now excels in. At Health of Mind, Inc., Roxana's responsibilities are both vital and varied, including the meticulous monitoring of supervision documentation and the processing of insurance authorizations, among other duties. Her ability to navigate these complex tasks with ease and efficiency is a testament to her background and dedication. Roxana's vibrant personality and approachability make her a beloved member of our team. Known for her constant smile and optimistic outlook, she brings light and positivity to the workplace, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. Her combination of professional expertise and engaging demeanor makes her an invaluable asset to Health of Mind, Inc., contributing significantly to our mission of providing top-notch behavioral services.